Monday, October 6, 2008


South Bend, IN- Awesome! Loved the ND campus, it was gorgeous! Besides the one speeding ticket we got (even though we got pulled over twice), we had an amazing time!!
Boston, Newport and New Hampshire were amazing plus relaxing. It was absolutely gorgeous, but we're coming from Orlando, FL-- where we don't have season changes like the northerners. =)
If you've never been to either place, it's totally worth going to, just for the history, scenery, and all the things you can do. Plus, if you stay in Boston, there's so many places (states) you can travel to. We stayed a week outside of Boston and we did something every day!
Here's some of the things we did:
1. Boston
New England Aquarium
Duck Tour
Prudential Center
Boston Commons
Newbury St.
Ate at great restaurants in the North and South End
Cirque Du Soliel (not sure it'll still be there in November)
Fenway Park Tour
Faneuil Hall
2. Newport, RI
Flew kites on the shore
Toured the beautiful mansions
Ate yummy lobster
3. New Hampshire
Apple picking

As you can tell, there's lots to, you can be active and do as much as possible or just relax the whole time. Either way, they are all gorgeous places!
I'm a tropical person and wanted a babymoon on the beach somewhere, but in all reality, this was MUCH better. For one, I didn't have to worry about what I looked like in a bathing suit at 6 months pregnant!
Sean and I also got massages done while we were there. I had a prenatal one and Sean a deep tissue. They were so great!
Overall, we had a wonderful time with our family there. We went to the traveling Cirque show with them and out to eat a few times. We are very thankful that we were able to stay with them. We also roasted marshmallows and made smores! Had such a great time hanging out with the girls. Loved the shopping pit stop we took! I'm even wearing some of the clothes purchased that day, right now-- Thanks Aunt L.!! One of the more favorite activities I think was when Sean made a scarecrow with the girls at the Applecrest Farm! They named him 'Mr. Hay' =) Thank you all for making it such a memorable babymoon!!!
Here's a temporary start to my blog about our babymoon, I'm trying to figure out a good way to add all the pics we took (then I'll talk about how much fun we had!):
Notre Dame & Game:

Boston, MA:

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Kevin Scantlan said...

Cool pictures... looks like fun.... but Notre Dame? lol. Is it some sort of Irish connection?