Friday, September 12, 2008


I have it for you to watch!! It's the best video I've ever seen!!! I know you'll agree =). It's a little over 7 min long and there's no sound, but it's so amazing to watch. You'll see him kicking and kicking and stretching like he needs more room in there. You'll see my ultrasound tech point out that he's a boy in a few shots and where it pauses is where she's printing a still shot. You'll see his spine, ribs, hands, fingers, shoulder blade, diaphragm, skull, legs, just about everything!! He even rubs his knee at one point, it's soooo stinkin cute! My favorite part is the big stretch after she points out that he's a boy. She'll also zoom in on his heart to show the 4 chambers.
The best part of my pregnancy so far has been feeling him kick. At the point of this ultrasound, I hadn't yet felt him, at least I didn't think I had. And you can see him kicking away like crazy. Well, during our ER visit, I felt again what I had thought wasn't him and decided to check it out by placing my hand there and BAM, there it was! He was sure enough kicking me!!! That little stinker, but I wanted him to do it 5 million more times! Now, I'm feeling him when I lay down at night and when I squash him by leaning over at my desk ;). Sean has also felt him a few times, first time at the ER as well. That was the most amazing sight I had ever seen; Sean feeling it for the first time. My brain took a picture of that moment and I'll never forget it. He shouted (quietly), "I felt it!!" and then a moment later, "I felt it again!!" It was breath-taking! Anywho, I won't further delay the it is (grab a tissue):

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